The module Higher education didactics

is designed for teachers in higher education in order to introduce participants to core concepts and research-based approaches to teaching and learning in higher education. The module is intended for participants from all scientific disciplines as it addresses teaching and learning in higher education on a broad level. A core element in the module structure is a constructive alignment approach when defining and formulating goals (intended learning outcomes or ILO’s), planning and executing teaching and learning activities (TLA’s) and assessment. During the training module the participants will be engaged and challenged in a variety of learning activities, from lectures to discussion seminars and workshops. The module begins with an orientation on the concepts of knowledge and constructive alignment. It covers the role of the teacher and discusses different views of, and on, the student. This is followed by exercises regarding teaching and learning activities, aligned with ILO’s, and on formative assessment techniques, feedback and other assessment moments which are available in the teacher’s tool box. The ultimate goal is to assist the participants in revising and developing their practice in order to balance goal formulation with selecting appropriate activities and assessment methods.